If you’ve stumbled upon my blog, you may have wondered, “Why is it called This Might Not Work?”  Aside from being an art teacher and a Hip-Hop enthusiast, I have consumed much of the work of Seth Godin. Seth is a well-respected guru-type who exists in the business and marketing world.  While I am not a businessperson, I do encounter people who would like to purchase my artwork.  I want to become savvy and helpful when someone is attempting to navigate the arena of acquiring a new piece of art.  I want the quality of the work to remain the most important aspect of the transaction, and always strive to insure that all parties are satisfied with the experience.  Seth’s podcast Akimbo, and books like The Icarus Deception (among others), have empowered me to get my work out into the world.  The title of this post – People Like Us, Do Things Like This, and my blog title This Might Not Work, are both  ‘Godinisms’.  He writes these phrases often, and they serve as reminders for each of us to ask the questions – Who are you?  What do you want to do?  What do you hope to accomplish?

People Like Us Do Things Like This

There is no more powerful tribal marketing connection than this. More than features, more than benefits, we are driven to become a member in good standing of the tribe. We want to be respected by those we aspire to connect with, we want to know what we ought to do to be part of that circle. Not the norms of mass, but the norms of our chosen tribe. – Seth Godin

I was looking for T-Shirts to wear to live Hip-Hop shows.  It’s no secret, if you know me, that I constantly point out my favorite lyrics in my favorite Hip-Hop tracks.  I’m sure it gets a bit redundant, if not annoying, but my goal is a quid pro quo conversation where someone will offer their favorite lines, as well.  I’m always trying to find out what inspires other people.

My search for cool t-shirts made me realize that I have pretty specific tastes. I like simple, bold, textless imagery. I couldn’t find anything like that. Either the designs were too busy, gawdy, or over-the-top (Sylvester Stallone), or they were hitting you over the head with block-letter messages; leaving no room for interpretation or imagination.

I decided to make my own designs.  People like us, do things like this:


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If you read this much, and understand my approach, you are a part of my tribe. I invite you to check out my new Classic Hip-Hop lyrics T-Shirt designs.  Each new image is inspired by my favorite lyrics and my favorite turns-of-phrase.  The Hip-Hop genre is rife with vivid, colorful, and vibrant descriptions. These compositions are my celebration of those clever combinations of words and imagery. Let me know your favorite lines!  Thanks for checking it out! – AK

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