I pause, flick the ash from my L /
I Pause, like Run and Jason Mizell

A-YO – Method Man and Redman w. Saukrates


These five new compositions were rendered on an IPad Pro, within the Procreate app, using an Apple Pencil.  I was amazed at the control, color, and detail that was afforded me, when working on a device.  It’s an exciting time in my artistic development, as I learn to cultivate my understanding of these new tools.  I am making available a small edition of prints of the five portraits.  Each will be 14” x 16” (except RZA – 14” x 14”, and Mos Def 11” x 14”) and printed with archival inks on high-quality papers.  Because these were rendered on a device, there is no original, so prints are the final product.  Let me know if you’d like one.  Here’s the link to purchase: Redman, RZA, Black Thought, Mos Def, and/or Method Man

Right now, I’m working on printing up copies for Red and Mef. They both asked for their own.  Looking forward to the next Hip-Hop adventure, and the next art-making opportunity. Thanks for checking them out. – AK